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15 Reasons to try a staycation

15 Reasons to try a staycation

Until 2 weeks ago, I had never taken time off and stayed put; I was always jetting off to somewhere warmer, more historic, more “fun.” But, now I’m a convert. I fell in love with our area and our staycation totally solidified our choice to move to a small town for me. I couldn’t believe how much there was to do!

Here are my top 15 reasons to staycation:

#1- No travel costs, sleeping in a hotel, or packing

#2- You get to know your area, and can make time for the things you wouldn’t normally

#3- You can finally get to those home projects you’ve been putting off

#4- Since you aren’t traveling, you get more actual vacation time

#5- Huge money saver

#6- You get to enjoy your home

#7- You don’t need to worry about pet/childcare

#8- You very well may discover something magical; staying put will force you to do research about your area you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to, we found lists like this one

#9- You’re already comfortable there; I repeat, no hotel rooms

#10- There is extra time for friends

#11- Plus, time for just the two of you, or alone time

#12- Local festivals abound in pretty much any season

#13- Discover amazing food spots

#14- See #13, AMAZING FOOD, find it and make a note for future reference

#15- Just relax- when you go somewhere else you probably always feel the need to go, go, go; see, see, see, but there is no rush when you are in your own town, so make a plan and then abandon it, just to see how that feels

If these 15 reasons weren’t enough inspiration for you, here’s some ideas from our staycation:

We visited a winery, a brewery, and a distilleryFullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-4

We discovered new restaurantsFullSizeRender-5

We relaxed at home, cooked, and enjoyed our pool FullSizeRender-6

We put up an arbor, stained barrels, set up our guest bedroom, and planted an orchardFullSizeRender-13IMG_1989

We found local ice-cream FullSizeRender-9

We visited a museumFullSizeRender-12

We went to a local artisan crafts festival right on the Hudson RiverFullSizeRender-10FullSizeRender-11

We visited small towns we hadn’t explored before and found a new green juice spot!FullSizeRender-8

Ready to try your own? What will you do on your staycation?

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