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Another Week in Gluten-Free Paradise

Another Week in Gluten-Free Paradise

For the past four years, Mrs. Dude and I have been blessed to be able to travel with the same crew for a December vacation. It’s been nothing but pure awesomeness.

Last year, we ventured to a villa called Baraka Point. When you find a villa that can’t be topped, with a staff that cannot be more cool, with a chef who can keep me safe for 7 days, well…once you find heaven, you just stop looking for something better.

And that’s what Baraka Point is. Absolute heaven.

From a celiac’s perspective, dealing with only one crew the entire week to meet my needs sure as hell beats dealing with a different restaurant every night, giving my spiel, and then just praying to the gluten-free gods. I came out of the week completely unscathed.

From a stressed-out person’s perspective, it was just what the doctor ordered. Seven days of fun, sun, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, eating, drinking and laughing. Sounds quite medicinal, doesn’t it?

As I do each year, let’s take a look back at my week in paradise.

island birds

We took a small private plane from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda. I sat in the cockpit and yes, actually flew the plane briefly. That’ll never happen again.

celiac virgin gorda

No surprise here. Morning = coffee. Lots of it.


On Monday morning, we took a long, vertical hike. Here is where we started.

virgin gorda hiking trail

And here is where we climaxed (take that as you wish).

mrs dude

The best part of the week? Time with Mrs. Dude of course. But she had a very tough time relaxing 😉

celiac virgin islands

Naturally…there were drinks galore.


But let’s talk about breakfast!


And lunch!!

gfree appetizers

And appetizers!!!


And dinner!!!!


And desserts!!!!!


Did I mention pizza night? Seriously…brick oven gluten-free pizza.


No matter how good the food and drinks, it’s always about the people. And these peeps are the best!

My vacation ended on quite a humorous note. It’s a pretty long travel day, so I packed some leftover gluten-free pizza in my carry-on. I figured I’d either eat it in the airport or on the plane. But I never made it through customs. Yep…they confiscated my pizza. I forgot you cannot import meat into the country from St. Thomas and my pizza had ham on it. Thankfully…I packed other food…and avoided the $300 fine. Phew!

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