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Catching Up On the Week that Was

Catching Up On the Week that Was

So much to talk about. Let’s do it self-interview style. Take it away Dude.

Dude…where ya been?? You’re not answering emails. You’ve got Faces of Celiac to post. Something you want to tell me?
Nope…just been busy. Like really, really busy. Like working 70 hours/week busy. Did I mention I’ve been busy??

Yeah, but it’s Celiac Awareness Month. Isn’t it a strange time to go MIA?
Well, between you and I (which then is really just between me), this year’s CAM has not sat well with me. People seem to forget that it’s “celiac” awareness month and not “crappy food promotion” month. For one month, I’d like to see the focus be on the disease and not the damn food.

Dude…you cranky?
I’m only on my first cup of coffee. Give me a break.

I heard you went into New York City this week. Do tell.
It was a great 24 hours. I was invited to the official product launch of Eclair Naturals body care line. All organic, gluten-free, and priced right. Good product. Good people. The event was Tuesday morning at Little Beet Table. So Mrs. Dude and I went in the day before. Had lunch at Little Beet Table (yes that means I went there twice!) and dinner at Senza Gluten. A good time had by all.

Didn’t you have a weak moment and eat dairy?
You mean this?

gfree apple crumb

Yep..that’s the one.
I did. It was at Little Beet Table. I figured splitting it with Mrs. Dude wouldn’t kill me.

It killed me. For three effing days it killed me. Never again. I need to read this more often.

Hillary or Trump?
318 million people in our country and this is the best we can do? No comment.

The Celiac Disease Center is offering $160 for people with celiac to take part in a test. Half of the participants will take a placebo and half will take a drug they are hoping can treat celiac. And yes…you must eat gluten to take part in the study. You game?
Let’s see…how can I put this gently? F**K NO!!

Why not?
I’m not knocking the folks at the CDC. Their goal is to find a cure for celiac and I know test studies are a part of that. But when a celiac eats gluten, they don’t simply get a tummy ache. Their body attacks itself, causing physical damage to the intestines, which can set off a plethora (yes…I said plethora) of symptoms that can last for months. I find asking a celiac to poison themselves a bit questionable, even if it does mean a possible cure in the long run. And $160? That wouldn’t even cover the toilet paper.

Did you hear the legal case against PF Changs charging an extra dollar was finally dropped?
Yay. Justice prevailed. Look…I know the celiac community can be a demanding bunch. When your treatment is constantly mocked, we go on the defensive. But this lawsuit was just idiotic. An extra dollar? To ensure my safety? Sign me up.

I thought you stopped going to PF Changs?
Wow…you’ve got a good memory. I did. I lost faith in them a bit and frankly, their food was pretty unhealthy and always made me feel like crap afterward. But they were one of the first to put a huge effort into keeping us safe and I give them kudos for that. The lawsuit was beyond trivial.

Did you hear Kourtney Kardashian went on a gluten-free diet to lose weight?

What is going on at Jennifer’s Way Bakery and her old company?


Really…you got nothing to say?
Oh…I have lots to say. I can write a book about it. But I will just say this. Jennifer is not going anywhere. She is moving forward. She’s amazing. And you can still order from her bakery directly here.

You got some shit on your Facebook page for calling out Udi’s again. Isn’t it time to give it a rest?
You funny. I’ll give it a rest when they start respecting the celiac community.

Does it bother you that so many celiac advocates seem to be in bed with them and General Mills?
That is a post for another day my friend. I’m outta here. Like I said…busy boy.

Wait…I’ve got so much more to ask you!!

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