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Celebrating three beautiful women

Celebrating three beautiful women

Today’s post is all about celebrating 3 exceptional women I’ve been dying to write about.

I haven’t posted in awhile, and I’m not proud of it, but life has been a little hectic – in a good way! We adopted a new dog – Brooklyn, he’s a nutty monkey and we love him. Bella is doing better than expected, but she’s definitely not happy about it.

I’m almost 2 months into my new position and it’s been a whirlwind, there’s so much to do! I’m getting paid to write. [Full stop] I get giddy whenever that hits me.

Enough about me, let’s admire these ladies below.

#1 Adele

Water Under the Bridge Adele

Her new album 25, epic. She’s sold more copies in the first ten days of its release than every other album sold by artists on the Billboard Top 100 in position 2-100 combined, times two. That’s mind boggling. Hello Adele, I hear you, and you’re breathtaking.

#2 Amy Schumer

amy schumer

Amy in the 2016 Pirelli Calendar, so awesome.  Girl is funny, smart, bold, beautiful. I admire her for putting herself out there and owning it. My stomach looks a lot like hers and I would never feel confident enough to post a picture of it, but the truth is, I look at her and I see a woman. She looks amazing – toned where she should be, soft where she should be. #werkitgirl

#3 Essena O’Neill

Instagram model essena o'neill

When this came out a few weeks ago, I was like damn, this girl is 18 and she’s wayyyyy ahead of women twice her age. So brave. Honestly, I look at pictures of her and think, what a perfect body. BUT, then I realize she’s 16 in that picture and didn’t eat to look like that. So sad, so unattainable, and so not what should still be considered attractive. It’s time for a societal shift and I think she’s awesome for bringing attention to how fake the world of insta-perfection is. I wish her the best and hope she finds happiness in herself, she’s a beautiful girl inside and out.

Beautifully breathtaking, beautiful body, beautifully brave. Let’s celebrate women for who we are as people. We come in all shapes and sizes, bring so many different talents to the table, and love so big. Go find a woman you love and tell her what you admire about her. #celebratewomen

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