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Celiac Disease Awareness Month: A Review in Rhyme

Celiac Disease Awareness Month: A Review in Rhyme

It has been eons
Since I wrote a post in rhyme
So I woke up this morning

But what do I write about?
What should I say?
What should my topic be
On this rainy Friday?

I know what I’ll write about
CDAM has just ended
That’s Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Not a curse…don’t be offended

Can you believe the month has ended
And CDAM is over so soon?
But don’t be so sad
My birthday is in June!!

Sadly for me
The month wasn’t my best
Way too much work
And not enough rest

But this here blog post
Is not about me
It’s about celiac
And our awesome community

Between you and I
This year’s CDAM didn’t sit well
Way too much focus on the food
And not on our disease, which can be hell

Yes food is important
Yes it’s our drug that heals
And it’s ALWAYS on our mind
As we sit down for our meals

But CELIAC is what matters
And not gluten-free bread
Ok…I’ve made my point
No more to be said

So what happened this month
That made the news?
There was the cartoon by Elle Magazine
And that certainly lit a fuse

They thought it would be funny
To put celiacs in a bubble
Little did they know
They would cause so much trouble

The community reacted
Tired of all the jokes
And by the end of the day
The cartoon was revoked

With millions of followers
The damage had been done
But we made our voices heard
And the battle we had won

Also this month
In news that did not make me pleased
It was decided that those with asymptomatic symptoms
Should not be screened for our disease

Put that word out
Let’s just keep advocating folks
That’s what it’s all about

Perhaps in the near future
They will change their mind
And the diagnosis rate will improve
I’m sure they will find

This month we also spoke to
3 legends of gfree beer
And they made it clear
Why their beer is so dear

You see they are gluten-FREE
And made with such class
Not gluten-REMOVED
Which is like a pimple on my ass

On a personal note
I reached 25,000 Facebook fans
I’m not much into numbers
But it’s still pretty grand

The Faces of Celiac
Keeps going strong
Have you sent your pic in?
Don’t wait too long

And the month isn’t complete
Without talking about Denmark
You see our friend Jennifer
Was dragged into the dark

No she didn’t flee
Nor did she climb out on a branch
As a matter of fact
She was at the Dude Ranch

The press is what it is
All they care about is clicks
To the folks at Fox News
You are such a bunch of d***s

Jen’s Bakery is open
Her food will make you drool
They even started shipping
And that is totally cool

Well that wraps it up
It’s time to start my day
That’s all I have to write
About the month of May

Let’s just keep doing
What it is we do best
Stay healthy, stay strong
And keep spreading celiac awareness


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