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Celiac Rant: I’m 14 and Constantly Haunted by Celiac Disease

Celiac Rant: I’m 14 and Constantly Haunted by Celiac Disease

I’m only 14 years old and yet you’ve already ruined my life.

I spend my days panicking that I’ll feel your mighty wrath again. You are like……a dragon. You simply sleep for ages, until the slightest noise wakes you up and you destroy everything. You don’t only destroy my intestines, you’ve messed up my head. You’ve jumbled around my thoughts, you make me feel unnatural. As if I don’t belong. Although I know there are other people suffering from the same Dragon. I feel alone. I feel rejected because of you. I’m not afraid to say it’s your fault.

I ask you to leave over and over again but you don’t seem to listen; you’re too busy being nasty to an innocent soul. I’m constantly judged by the weird things I have to eat, it’s honestly unfair. You’ve made it hard for me to run, jump, smile, laugh, and enjoy life. I’m constantly haunted by you, like a ghost hanging over my shoulder. Instead of you being over my shoulder, you’re in my veins.

You……are…… You are everything I consist of. You are celiac disease.


My fellow celiac…my heart aches for you. I saw on a comment you left yesterday that you also realized that you may no longer be able to follow your dream of joining the Air Force because of your disease. You said “My grandpa and dad were in the Air Force, and I felt the need to make my deceased grandfather proud.”

I’m sure they’re damn proud of you kid. At 14, I was doing my best to talk to girls while not drooling on my corduroys and hush puppies. You have dreams already. You’re a 4.0 student. You’ve got a whole amazing life in front of you. I know it’s tough, but do your best not to let our disease get to you. It’s a pain, literally and figuratively. And I can’t place myself in your shoes because I was diagnosed as an adult. I just will say this. Like anything else, it gets easier with time.

Hang tough. You got this.

I hate celiac. You hate celiac. We all hate celiac. With all that pent up anger, people need a place to vent.

Well…I invite you to lie on the Dude’s couch (figuratively speaking) and spew away. There’s just one rule: Once you’re done venting, you need to move forward and put the negative vibes on the back burner.
Positive energy brings positive results.

Email me your anonymous rant.

Don’t you feel better already??


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