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Celiac Rant: I’m Not a Celiac Bitch. I’m Just a Parent.

Celiac Rant: I’m Not a Celiac Bitch. I’m Just a Parent.

Some rants need no introduction. Take it away GF Mama.

Dear Gluten Dude,

I love your site; informative with lots of humor.

Most days I have tons of patience and I’m eager to share my Celiac knowledge with the brain-dead know-it-all population, but today isn’t one of those days. You see I’ve spent my morning at school trying to deal with Celiac issues. I feel like a wear a cape that is visible to everyone else with a big “MB” on it for “Mega-Bitch” or maybe it should be “CB” for “Celiac Bitch”. I’m not asking for much, just a little notice and some help in setting up a safe environment at school for my child who has a life long disease that is managed by food avoidance. You help the diabetic parents. Couldn’t you be a little bit supportive for the Celiac parents? Couldn’t you be a little empathetic towards a child that’s struggling to fit in with a disease that will always make her stand out?

[Dude note: I LOVE that last line.]

I can’t understand why people think it’s ok to look at a child who they’ve just met or just found out has Celiac disease and say “OMG, I’d die without pasta and bread!” My response: “Funny enough, she’d feel like death if she ate any regular breads and pasta.” But I’m the one who is being mean and bitchy.

Or the other famous comment…“I’ve heard the bread tastes like card board?”. Yes that’s a lovely thing to say to a young teen who was diagnosed as a toddler and has no idea what “regular” food tastes like. Thanks lady. That’s really helping this kid deal with peer pressure and wanting to fit in. Way to make her feel like a freak.

Thankfully my kid has a quick retort of “God no! Why would I eat something that tastes like crap?” But she comes home and is very sad about the comment and really just wants to try regular pizza, regular cookies, and regular cake. It doesn’t matter that her friends beg me to make gluten free treats for them all to eat because the treats are amazing.

And the one from family that I’ll just never understand…“But I only gave her a little bit of my food to taste, so that’s fine.” Me: “Nope it’s not fine. She’s a Celiac and you know that. Why don’t you just eat a little poison? I’m sure you’ll be fine; after all it’s just a little bit.” You guessed it, I’m the one who crossed the line. I’m the one that should apologize. Should but can’t and won’t.

Some days I wonder what it’s like to send you kid off to school, friends houses, relatives houses and not have to pack a cooler, not have to give a list of safe foods. I wonder what it’s like to not spend the entire time worrying that something is going to go wrong and someone is actually going to think that I’d make my kid apologize for speaking up and keeping herself safe. (She’s never rude, but she doesn’t tolerate the brain-dead know-it-all idiots.)

– Another GF Mama

Well done GF Mama. Your child is in damn good hands. One of my favorite quotes is “You can’t control other people. You can only control your reactions to them.” Ignorance abounds in our world. Always has. Always will. You can either let it drag you down or you can rise above it. Or you can send me your rant, let out your frustration and move on. Like I said…well done GF Mama.

I hate celiac. You hate celiac. We all hate celiac. With all that pent up anger, people need a place to vent.

Well…I invite you to lie on the Dude’s couch (figuratively speaking) and spew away. There’s just one rule: Once you’re done venting, you need to move forward and put the negative vibes on the back burner.
Positive energy brings positive results.

Email me your anonymous rant.

Don’t you feel better already??


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