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Did God Cure This Woman’s Celiac Disease?

Did God Cure This Woman’s Celiac Disease?

Sorry for the delay between posts folks. For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook (hang your heads in shame), my mom passed away last week. It was semi-sudden, meaning she hasn’t been well for some time, but still didn’t see it coming. I was in the ER with her when they were trying to save her. It was a sight and a moment that will stay with me for some time. It was a pretty violent end, followed by a peaceful 30 minutes where I was able to spend time with her as she passed on to wherever the hell it is you go after you die.

For those that commented and supported me on Facebook, I cannot thank you enough. Your words meant the absolute world to me. And for those who do not follow me, please continue to hang your heads in shame.

Anyway…when someone close passes, you start thinking about things. And a lot about religion. I grew up quite Catholic. Went to 11:30 mass every Sunday. Didn’t get too much out of it. I’m not one for following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing simply because that is what you’re supposed to do. And with the NY Giant football games starting at 1:00, I was always so stressed about getting home in time because my parents loved to socialize after mass. Yeah…I was a real deep kid.

As I’ve aged, I believe less in organized religion and more about “whatever works for you”. I believe there is some power greater than us out there. Whether you call that energy “God” or not…well that’s a personal choice. But if there is indeed a God, here is one thing I know. Curing your celiac disease would be WAAAAAYYYYY down on the list of things to worry about.

But according to this woman, that is exactly what happened. Here’s her story:

(Can’t see the above video? Hang your head in shame. I mean…click here.)

Now look…I am in no way mocking this woman. And please do not go on to the You Tube page and leave negative comments. If she feels God cured her celiac disease and she wants to eat bread now, hey…have at it. Her early funeral.

But here’s my beef with it. Our world is a mess. An absolute, rudderless mess. Do you really think God gives two sh*ts about your celiac disease? I’d like to think my God would focus on the following first:

  • Feeding the 66 million primary school age children who go hungry every day.
  • Ending all wars and terrorism.
  • Curing cancer.
  • Giving the less-fortunate the power and the confidence to bring themselves up.
  • Finding some kind of resolution for the insane amount of gun deaths in our country.
  • Getting electricity to the 25% of the world’s population who still live without it.
  • Helping the homeless.

See where I’m going with this? Celiac? Yeah…it sucks. Big time. But in the grand scale of things…well, I’ll let you finish that sentence.

Rest in peace Ma. You are missed.


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