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Guest Post: Tips on Keeping Performance Ready and Living a Balanced Healthy Life

Guest Post: Tips on Keeping Performance Ready and Living a Balanced Healthy Life


Inspired by all of my actor friends, I’m doing a guest post this week with Sophie Wright of Create a Wellness in Australia. Sophie is an amazing actress currently staring in Wicked so she knows a thing or two about having to stay fit and healthy in a demanding role while working long crazy hours. On her vlog that she frequently posts about her pursuits to be healthy and well balanced in an extremely demanding industry. Check it out, this girl is cute, quirky, and has a killer sense of humor. Aussies, in my experience, seem to be happy lovely people so they must be doing something right.  

I asked Sophie to write about this particular topic because it was something I struggled with so much when I was in the industry. I never felt talented enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough. These feelings of never being enough, led me down a very unhealthy path into years of disordered eating and negative body image issues. I wish I had heard this great advice when I was first starting out, maybe then it would have saved me years of struggle and weight fluxuation.

So in honor of all of the brave souls out there, who put themselves under scrutiny of who they are on a daily basis, I am in awe of you and I hope you get something out of Sophie’s Tips. As a throw back to old times, a headshot I took at age 19, I look back at it now and think, wow what a beautiful picture but so much sadness. When I looked at it then, I just thought, I really should have lost more weight before taking this. So sad.1923318_528541037369_7304_n

Here are Sophie’s Top 4 Tips to Keeping in Performing Condition and Maintaining a Healthy Balanced Life. She writes…

1)   Meditate or do a breathing exercise

By doing a meditation before an audition or a big show you have calmed your mind and body down so you are able to focus on the task at hand. You have created an awareness of your body and mind in that moment and are not projecting future moments that might occur.

i.e. You are not imagining what might happen as you are completely present; and being in the moment is what acting is all about, that ability to play off of one another or your emotions in the scene.

2)  Relinquish control and have perspective

The sooner we realise and relinquish control over our thoughts and worries, the sooner we can move on and go about our daily lives. We spend so much time and energy worrying after the audition going through every detail in our head, that we don’t realize we can be creating an easier environment for us after the audition and make it easier upon ourselves to accept that we cannot control the outcome after the audition has passed. The sooner we can come to terms and understand this the quicker we can lead happier and less stressful lives. Move onto the next endeavor, the next goal, the next outcome.

3) Vocal health and rest

Rest is such an important factor in the performing industry, where you are constantly moving your body and using your voice (especially in musical theatre). I find that having a vocal rest day is such a great idea, so you can fully let your voice heal and rejuvenate in order for it to be at it’s peak. Things like herbal tea, honey and steaming are all really effective for this.  Resting is important not only for our voices, but to let our bodies heal and be at our physical peak. Try getting a massage, or doing yoga, to stretch out your body, prevent injuries, and to relax your nervous system so you can feel well rested.

4)   Eat Whole foods / Stay Active

I find that staying healthy and active, especially in the performing industry is so essential as our job is to stay well and if we are not well, we cannot work. Eating healthy by adding whole foods to our diet, balanced with moving your body, however you want to, is essential to our mind, body, and spirit. If we feed our bodies with good nutrition, feed our minds with positive thoughts, and continue to live an active lifestyle, this will reflect positively on our performances and auditions since we are more centered and confident, and that influences our entire well being.

Here is a recipe Sophie shared for you all the try out:

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