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Honeymoon In Tulum, my Recs!

Honeymoon In Tulum, my Recs!

honeymoon picsThis winter in Upstate New York is kicking my butt and has me dreaming of beautiful beaches, sunny days and my golden bronzed tan. Oh my tan, so pale right now… I digress.

As cabin fever firmly sets in, it seems like the perfect time to share about our honeymoon and get you inspired to plan your own trip, you deserve it! We went to Tulum  last June, choosing it for its beauty, short flight, and affordability and had such a great time!

I read all kinds of blog posts and travel reviews of Tulum before going and spoke to quite a few friends who had traveled there so I compiled a list of restaurant recommendations and places to visit. To be honest, we barely did anything but eat and lay on the beach, though we did make it to the Ruins one day, and they are a must see.

Here are my reviews for the awesome places we visited while on our two week vacation.

The Hotel: Jashita Hotel

hotel picsMy husband and I just stayed at Jashita Hotel for 9 nights for our honeymoon and loved it. We had a deluxe oceanfront room, room 22 and we walked right out onto the beach and water.

Breakfast was amazing, my husband would go back just for the food, and the staff was so nice! The atmosphere is so relaxing, we enjoyed the water activities, swimming, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

We liked the restaurant and also loved walking to Chamico’s a little known place on the other end of the beach that made the best ceviche ever! We spent many an afternoon drinking frozen margaritas and munching on guacamole there after a nice kayak ride.

We definitely want to go back and enjoyed everyone we met while there. I don’t remember the last time I slept so well, the beds were so comfortable! If you are thinking of going here for your honeymoon, I recommend it because of it’s privacy and atmosphere.

Room Tip: We loved the oceanfront room and have heard amazing things about the honeymoon suites! The oceanfront room was more affordable and just as special so keep that in mind!

Where to Eat:

IMG_5881Our favorite restaurant? Los Aguachiles, this little gem was inexpensive, the staff were super warm and accommodating and the vibe was perfect for us. Get the figurines (pictured above) if you like ceviche! The Guacamole was the best we had during our whole trip and we loved all the dipping sauces!

hartwood 3hartwoodIMG_5997Every blogger and travel site I read recommended Hartwood Restaurant and after eating there I know why. The food was simply excellent and the atmosphere awesome. People start lining up outside of the open air restaurant before it even opens for a chance to enjoy this excellent spot. Hartwood is the type of place you would expect in Tulum, zero carbon foot print, local food, friendly people, right across the street from the beach.

Oscar & Lalo was another recommendation from friends. While I thought it was beautiful and the food authentic, it wasn’t my favorite of the places we tried.

Sahara Cafe was the restaurant at our hotel. I loved breakfast, liked lunch, and enjoyed dinner; but it was more Italian than Mexican food for dinner and I wanted the real thing! The staff was very nice, they all remember your name and made wonderful recommendations on where to go for drinks, dancing and exploring, plus you couldn’t beat the convenience of simply walking across the sand for a nice night out.

What to explore:

IMG_6087The Tulum Ruins are located right on a cliff looking out to the ocean. They were breathtaking and I was in awe of the type of structures ancient civilizations were able to create. King Iguanas were everywhere and seemed to take over and make this ancient city their own.

tulum pics 2Walk around in Tulum on the beach. We strolled all over, took pictures, had drinks on the beach, watched World Cup Soccer and didn’t adhere to any schedule, just what we needed after the wedding craziness.

coqui coquiCoqui Coqui is a beautiful perfumery right on the beach. Many of the posts I read spoke highly of it and I enjoyed visiting but didn’t feel the need to purchase anything personally.


IMG_5943Gitano was my favorite drink spot. We ate here as well and it was delicious but I could have just gone for drinks to be in the beautiful open air bar environment. Their decor was something else, and it made me wish I could turn my backyard into such an oasis.

If You Love Yoga:

IMG_6312Check out Amansala Eco-Chic Resport and Spa, for yoga classes, awesome food, and tree houses!

tulum random picshoneymoon pics 2IMG_5996

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