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I Have Celiac Disease. I Will ALWAYS Have Celiac Disease.

I Have Celiac Disease. I Will ALWAYS Have Celiac Disease.

This is not a “SH*T…I have celiac disease and my life sucks” kind of post. But it’s a “Crap…when I have a good stretch, celiac will always remind me it’s there. Always.” kind of post.

And I indeed have had an amazing stretch. Fall was very good to me. I was on the AIP mostly, my stomach felt great, my energy level was dare I say…normal. I was actually planning a blog post titled “Do I Still Have Celiac Disease??”. That’s how good I felt.

But celiac has a way of saying “Yooooo hooooo….I’m over here. Don’t forget about me.” And this week I got pretty slammed. Don’t know how. Don’t know why. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. I don’t know much…do I??

Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about a science book,
Don’t know much about the french I took.
But I do know that I love you,
And I know that if you love me, too,
What a wonderful world this would be.

Ok…where was I? Right, celiac. It is literally just the nature of the disease. It is a constant unwanted companion. Your guard needs to be up 24/7 and even when you’re ungodly diligent, well…the disease can rear it’s ugly head and knock you on your ass.

I have a bestie in the celiac community (that I’ve never met…yet) and over the years we reach out to each other when one of us is struggling. (Dude note: if you don’t have this kind of person in your life…get one…now.) Yesterday, we had the following conversation:

Me: Sometimes, not too often, but sometimes our disease sucks the ever-living life out of me.

Her: I hear you loud and clear. Did you get glutened or is the disease just being a jerk?

Me: I honestly don’t know. I just left the bank and I couldn’t remember my phone number or social security number. Just crazy.

Her: Oh that’s scary. My memory has been scary bad lately too. One time I was driving a few blocks from my house and I couldn’t remember how to get home.

Me: Unreal.

A few hours pass and she reaches out to me again. (Gotta love the support).

Her: How is your brain now?

Me: I have had four glasses of water and three cups of tea in the last four hours. My brain seems a bit better, but my bladder is ungodly full.

And yet…this morning, I woke up with some clarity. Go figure. I’m seven years in and I still can’t figure out this disease. Just enjoy and cherish the good days, knowing that there will be some bad days ahead. And that, my friends, is celiac disease.


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