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I’m a Celiac Idiot

I’m a Celiac Idiot

For the past few years, we’ve gone to our friend’s house to celebrate Passover. It’s always a blast. Lots of food. Lots of wine. And lots of laughter. Just a great tradition. Even though I’m a (non-practicing) Catholic, it is still one of my favorite nights of the year.

The gracious host always prepares an amazing dinner. The usual Seder items, plus brisket, salmon, veggies. The works. Even though she would do anything for me, I tell her every year not to worry about me. She’s got enough on her plate than to worry about keeping me safe, so I always bring my own food. It’s a win-win for everybody.

So this year, Mrs. Dude and I went out and got a roasted chicken. I took some of that and added some cubed sweet potatoes and white potatoes. Mrs. Dude was also making asparagus. I packed my to-go dinner in a rectangular Pyrex dish with a red top, took a shower and we were ready to go. I grabbed the Pyrex dish and headed over to our friends.

We also brought two bottles of red wine with us. As Mrs. Dude was exiting the car in our friend’s driveway, one bottle dropped. Yep…I spent the first 15 minutes of my Seder picking up shards of glass and hosing down their driveway. It was a sign of things to come.

I put my dinner in the fridge, poured myself a Hendricks and we all sat outside. There was a good amount of appetizers served, but since I had a nice dinner coming and didn’t want to overdo it, I just had a few deviled eggs and some radishes.

Now it’s Seder time. As everybody sits down to eat, I go in the kitchen to heat up my dinner. I grab the rectangular Pyrex dish with the red top and go to put it in the microwave. But wait a minute. This isn’t my dinner. This is sliced avocado and tomato. I know we also had that at home and I’m thinking “Aw…Mrs. Dude brought some extra food for me. Ain’t she the best?”

So I go back into the fridge. I look. And I look. And I look some more. My chicken dinner was nowhere to be found. Yep…I grabbed the wrong rectangular Pyrex dish with the red top. My dinner ended up being avocado and asparagus. Once an idiot, always an idiot. And you know what? It didn’t matter one single bit. I’ve said this before, as a celiac, if you focus on the food, your focus is in the wrong place. It’s the people you are with that matter. I enjoyed my light dinner, everyone had a nice big laugh about it and we’ll always have something to remember fondly at future Seders.

Life is not about what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you.


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