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Major Milestones of 2014

Major Milestones of 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are taking care of yourselves now that the hoopla has died down. It’s time to nest and hibernate as winter settles in so you are ready for Spring!

This time of year I always look back on what has happened over the past year and check off the major life milestones that only happen once. First it was finishing college, then getting my first job, buying an apartment, getting engaged.; this year was full of more major milestones than ever before. My top major changes of last year were:

1-I got married! I’ve written extensively about this in previous posts so I won’t go into a ton of details but I will say, BEST DECISION EVER.bella-1024x7692-As soon as I got back from my honeymoon I changed my job. After years of being in sales I decided that stress wasn’t worth the paycheck anymore and moved my role within my company. I like having my evenings, weekends and holidays back. It’s a thing of beauty and because of the normal hours of my new job I was able to…

3-Sign up for a yoga teacher training program, something I have been wanting to do for years! I’m well on my way to being certified, I finish next month and I’ve loved every second of it so far. It has also helped me to start an (almost) daily breath awareness and meditation practice which is a small thing that will lead to big benefits long term. I have already seen this practice as a daily sanctuary during our last crazy month. I’ve been interested in the idea of meditation for years but now I even have an alter and yoga room set up to inspire to me sit with myself and breathe each day. It’s amazing what insights come to you when you allow your brain some down time.FullSizeRender4-We bought our forever home and moved out of NYC after 10 years to the country! We had been working on purchasing our home since early September so it was quite a long and arduous process filled with uncertainly but finally at the end of December we closed! It’s been just a week but already we love our new home, I can see myself raising my children there and see Przemek and I on rockers on the porch watching our grandchildren play.  You can check out my new home updates on my Instagram account. A huge perk for me is moving so close to my parents who I see all the time now instead of just once in awhile like I used 4A theme I’m noticing is that I have made major shifts to add love in, cut stress out, and add in more quiet, reflective time to my life this year. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

What do you feel good about accomplishing both big and small this year?

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