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Only Natural Pet Food for Pups

Only Natural Pet Food for Pups

dog excited to eat only natural pet foodIf you love your dog, you should check out Only Natural Pet Food, sold at PetSmart. It has simple, clean, real ingredients, not any of the fillers, byproducts and GMO rich ingredients that many pet foods have. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your pups!

When we adopted our new dog Brooklyn in November, our boy had a lot going on. He was dealing with skin irritation, a bad hot spot that required him to wear a cone, was on medication for kennel cough, and he was underweight. Poor baby.

To support him, we wanted to get him off of the crappy food he was eating at the shelter and on better quality food quickly  but were conflicted on what brand to try. Bella, our other pup, eats Primal dog food. It’s raw, grain free and perfect for her because she gets bladder stones. She’s so little she doesn’t eat much so it’s affordable but we’d have to triple the portion for Brooklyn, and it would be super costly.

Only Natural Pet Food reached out, congratulated me on adopting Brooklyn, and offered to send a month’s supply of their food plus treats for him to try.

The verdict? He LOVES it and it’s cleared up his skin irritation! His favorite food is the dehydrated beef and sweet potato and the jerky bites have been perfect for his training since we can break them into small pieces. I like Only Natural Pet Food because it’s not frozen, I don’t have to precut it, and it doesn’t make as much of a mess when they eat it.

Bella loves the treats and bully sticks too!dog enjoying treat from only natural pet food

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