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Overcoming Severe Depression and Binge Eating Through Mindfulness

Overcoming Severe Depression and Binge Eating Through Mindfulness

“A binge never happens in a peaceful, loving environment. So, if you can create that environment somehow for yourself that’s going to be the way.” – Maria

Have you tried everything to quit binge eating and nothing seems to work? Are you still on the fence about whether or not practicing mindfulness will actually help your situation?

If the answer is yes then today’s episode may change your life.

To say that Maria had it tough growing up would be an understatement. The torment she suffered as a child had such a huge impact that it penetrated every facet of her life, resulting in severe depression and a binge eating disorder.

One day after a particularly painful binge, Maria came to a crossroads with herself. She knew it was time to get better or her life would end.

A series of serendipitous events soon unfolded and she arrived into the world of practicing mindfulness. It was here that her healing process started to begin.

Today Maria speaks openly about her journey. She describes how mindfulness changed her mindset, her relationship with her body, and how it brought joy to her life literally for the first time.

She also reveals the exact tools she used that made it possible for her to quit bingeing for good.

Maria says that her life now amazing. She credits mindfulness for enabling her to finally find peace and create a loving environment that allows her to thrive, one that she’s realized she deserved all along.

Maria now takes the lessons she has learned and helps people with their binge eating disorders. She is an incredibly strong woman with an extraordinary story.

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